Putsborough Playground

Thanks to Damo at Surf Development UK for putting these clips together and writing some very kind words, much appreciated.

‘SDUK ambassador Will Bailey making Putsborough look fun, which for anyone who surfs it regularly knows that isn’t an easy feat. These clips from two short surfs at the infamously difficult beach break in the coldest months really highlights and baffles me how an English 18 year old this good can still be without a major sponsor. Will is trying to raise enough cash to compete on the WSL qualifying circuit, which is a story only too familiar for him and other Brit juniors. Another ambassador of ours Peony Knight has managed to crack the financial issue enough to pursue the womens circuit and is already having great success on the international stage and it is only the start of her second year, so we know from her and the likes of Luke Dillon that our young surfers deserve to be competing among the best, we just need a path to help them get there.’