The Biggy Smiles World Tour

New clip out produced by Simon Cotter showcasing the journey of one of the most humble and original people I have ever met, Ntando Msibi – from the streets of Durban to the beaches of the world. The first time I saw Ntando was in Ecuador for the world junior games and I was absolutely blown away by the incredible raw talent and his immediate infectious energy. Upon visiting Durban, South Africa to volunteer for Surfers Not Street Children in the early months of 2016 I really realized what life is outside of our small area of North Devon. I was shocked. Pretty much anywhere I looked/went in the city of Durban I saw children sleeping and living on the streets and whats worse is that most of them have left their families for the streets and are living alone, it really was eye opening and difficult to accept and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to live with the guys at the surf house in Durban. Ntando has once been in that position and experienced a life on the streets which most people are oblivious to – what strikes me the most is that you wouldn’t know any different if you met him! Growing up in a first world country we simply cannot comprehend what it would be like to grow up in those circumstances and the temptations that come with it. In Ntando’s case, the struggle of a life on the streets is a distant memory of the past thanks to the INCREDIBLE work of Tom Hewitt and everyone else involved at Surfers Not Street Children. Ntando is one of the best surfers I know with a crazy smooth style, performing everything with finesse and lives life completely raw and to the max always with a huge smile. Please check this out everyone if you haven’t already. You will be truly stoked. Follow this journey. Keep it up Ntando you are an inspiration to everyone and the world needs more people like you! Amazing work everyone involved. 


NTANDO | The Journey: PART 1 from Ruwac Productions on Vimeo.